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Overview of air

The table summarises information on the main pollutant gases.

Pollutant Sources Treatment/Management
Carbon monoxide $$(\ce{CO})$$ Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels Catalytic converters
Nitrogen oxides $$(\ce{NO}{_x})$$ Internal combustion engines, lightning Catalytic converters, calcium carbonate to neutralise resulting acids
Sulfur dioxide $$(\ce{SO2})$$ Volcanoes, combustion of sulfur compounds Calcium carbonate to neutralise resulting acids, flue gas desulfurisation
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Commercial aerosols, solvents Government bans on these products
Carbon dioxide $$(\ce{CO2})$$ Respiration, combustion of fossil fuels Government regulations (to limit $$\ce{CO2}$$ emissions)
Methane $$(\ce{CH4})$$ Rearing of livestock, rice cultivation Reduce consumption of meat (to reduce the amount of livestock reared)