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Algebraic fractions

An algebraic fraction is a fraction involving algebraic expressions. It is a fraction with letters and numbers, and is itself an algebraic expression.

Examples of algebraic fractions are $$$ \frac{\Tred{x}^2-\Tred{x}+1}{\Tred{x}+3},\quad\frac{1}{\sqrt{\Tred{y}} - 1}$$$

An algebraic fraction works just like any other algebraic expression. You replace the variable by a value, and work out the answer.

The algebraic fraction $$\displaystyle\frac{\Tred{x}-1}{\Tred{x}^2+1}$$ evaluated when $$\Tred{x} = 5$$ is equal to $$$\frac{\Tred{5}-1}{\Tred{5}^2+1} = \frac{4}{26} = \frac{2}{13}. $$$