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Prefixes for large and small numbers

For very small or very big quantities, we use metric prefixes depending on the factors of tens that apply to the number.

A millisecond is a thousandth of a second $$(1\textrm{ ms} = 10^{-3}\us)$$. A bee's wing flaps every $$5\textrm{ ms}$$.

A gigametre is one billion meters $$(1\textrm{ Gm} = 10^{9}\um)$$. The diameter of the Sun is $$1.4\textrm{ Gm}$$.

Name Trillion Billion Million Thousand Hundred Ten
$$10^n$$ $$10^{\Tred{12}}$$ $$10^\Tred{9}$$ $$10^\Tred{6}$$ $$10^\Tred{3}$$ $$10^\Tred{2}$$ $$10^\Tred{1}$$
Prefix Tera Giga Mega Kilo Hecto Deca
Symbol T G M k h da
$$10^{-n}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-12}}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-9}}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-6}}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-3}}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-2}}$$ $$10^{\Torange{-1}}$$
Prefix Pico Nano Micro Milli Centi Deci
Symbol p n $$\mu$$ m c d