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Meiosis II

Following Meiosis I, two haploid daughter cells are created. However, each of these chromosomes carries two copies (duplicate) of DNA.

Meiosis II involves the separation of the sister chromatids so that each chromosome carries only one set of DNA.

This is similar to mitosis. However, in meiosis, this occurs with one set of chromosomes rather than two.

Prophase II Spindles reform and chromosomes align at the equator of the cell.
Metaphase II Chromosomes line up in a single row at the equator of the cell. This axis is perpendicular to the axis of arrangement in metaphase I.
Anaphase II Centromeres break down and the sister chromatids separate. These will be the chromosomes of the daughter cells.
Telophase II and cytokinesis The nuclear envelope reforms and the cells split to form four daughter cells.